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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Childhood Story vol. 2

Salam wbt..

Kalau before this I wrote a story when I was in primary school but now I wanna share a story when I was in secondary school. Just ignore the other schools that I have attended but we focus during in Form 5.

1. I start to have my bestfriend here. Asyraf and zul hanif.

2. I also have my own group that we called gang bas tuition..haha.. consist myself, asyraf, zul, syuk, ain, aida, and farah.

3. I quite busy with school magazine until I always left my class..hehe

4. My SPM result was not very excelent but it's quite good for me.. (that's why I can pursue my study here..hehe)

5. Kawan2 aku banyak yang dah belajar di IPT antaranya Nabilah (USM-Pharmacy), Nabil (UiTM-Sistem Maklumat Perakaunan), Shahida (UiTM-Kimia Industri) and etc. Good luck to all of u!

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