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Saturday, October 31, 2009


Stereotype can be define as beliefs to the effect that all members of the specific social groups share certain traits or characteristics. In fact, being stereotype is normal for people around us. Stereotype can be determined through certain circumstances either we notice it or not. There have two types of stereotype; positive and negative stereotype. However, people often make negative stereotype instead of positive stereotype. Is it false being stereotype? Well, it's depends on how you make a judgement. Making positive stereotype will form a good expression from others while a negative stereotype will reflex you as a bias person. Gender stereotype is common. A major stereotype that related with gender such as all women are weak and all men are strong.

Nowadays, racism and religion bias are also the common stereotype that people always do. For instance, all whites are racist or all blacks are criminal and sometimes they say all muslims are terrorist. These are negative stereotype for certain groups since it is what we call an extream bias. People make a judgement based on a few members in a group. They do not look for the whole or majority member because in fact, not all whites are racist and not all muslims are terroist. Hail the all time scaptic.

For students, stereotype is one of the obstacles in their life. People will classify all medical students are smart, intelligent and hardworking. In order to maintain the mental framework of people towards medical students, they have to make double efforts on their studies. On top of that, some stereotypes will make certain students feel very unsatisfied. For example, people always relate brilliant students with medical course but how with law students or engineering students? Are them not brilliant students?
Hence, being stereotype is common in society. Though, people should start to change their framework about some matters in order to satisfy the others.

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