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Tuesday, March 16, 2010


No one can predict the future or whether the sky will always blue or not. Sometimes we see a light in the blue sky, but sometimes it's not. When the dark comes, people will ready to move themselves to the safe place.

Ok, that's just an introduction.

How many times u have fallen in love? Can you predict when the love will come to you and say;

"Hey, you will fall in love with this person".

love will come along with your dream

Well, no one seems can predict what will happen to them. Love is just like a miracle that will come beyond our imagination.

Another case, even though u have tried your very best with the great enthusiasm and a lot of sacrifices to achieve your dream, but it doesn't means that you are very sure to succeed. It's depend to your destiny. God will never gives something that you are unable to carry it. Even though it seems good for you, but the fact tells you that it is not as good as you think about it.

So, the only thing you can do is just accept whatever happen in the future because that is your destiny!

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